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Youth Action is happy to share our 2019-20 Annual Report launched at the 2020 AGM. This year we commissioned young Indigenous artist, Jessie Waratah Simon - Fitzpatrick to create an artwork for the cover of our annual report, co-designing its concept. The organisation is proud to highlight and support emerging artists across NSW.
For this year's concept we chose to reflect the challenges that NSW faced and the strength and innovation that can be born from difficult times. More about the concept and the artist below.
Throughout the year we contract and collaborate with diverse young artists and practitioners for internal and special projects and welcome expressions of interest.



SEED DREAMING For thousands of years Aboriginal people have used fire farming to care for Country, by burning off the old to create space for the new. I first conceptualised this piece whilst Australia was experiencing one of its worst wildfire seasons. My work explores how the damage can also lead to new beginnings. The almond shaped seeds spring to life after the land has been scorched, bringing rejuvenation and transformative change across the landscape.


Jessie Waratah Simon - Fitzpatrick 
My painting style is strongly influenced by my Warlpiri family, bold colour and vivid movement. I was born and raised in Sydney’s Inner West and identify as an original Australian. My family was claimed by the respected Warlpiri Elder, R. Granites Japanangka, who sadly passed away in 2018. ‘At the age of three!’ my father says, he, my aunties and grandmothers began passing down their knowledge and techniques of art making according to my skin Napurrula, and shared with me their own depictions of the Tjukurrpa (Dreaming). Someday I hope to know my original family’s story from North West NSW, as well as my Chinese, Pakistani, Danish, Irish, Welsh, English and convict ancestors. Warlpiri law women sang for me to be conceived and knew where I fit into their family before I was born, knowing this draws me strength. My mother dreamed of me and my father and grandfather called me from the stars. I have strived to learn from and honour all who have taught and continue to teach me and to give back whenever I can to my community.


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Audited Finances

Youth Action receives core funding from the NSW Department of Family and Community Services, and project funding from various state or federal departments from time to time. Our annual audits detail our income and expenditure.


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Please note: until 2012 Youth Action was known as YAPA.