Ask for Health is a web-based resource created by health professionals and young people for young people. Youth Action partnered with NSW Health to create this project to improve young people’s access to health services they need, when they need them.


Health literacy, just like reading & writing literacy, means having the skills to be able to navigate & use the health system & understand health information. Having health literacy means young people can independently & confidently manage their own health. 


Health Literacy Advisory Council



What is the Health Literacy project?


We are looking for young people to develop the next steps of this project and design a program to help young people in NSW to access the resource and train young people in the process. We know that programs built by young people for young people lead to better outcomes and need your help. You will be supported to learn the skills to design the program and will be an important voice in decision making. We will help you build on existing skills and teach you skills around critical analysis, evaluation and project development, as well as providing a background level of personal support, direction and facilitation of the meetings. 
Members of the Health Literacy Advisory Council will be paid per meeting for their time and dedication.


A position on the Council is a 1-year commitment, requiring you to attend online meetings every 4 to 6 weeks.

12 meetings in total (between 1 or 2 hours per meeting).


A position on the Council is for you if:
  • you're interested in making the health system more accessible for young people
  • you're passionate about young people's voices being heard
  • you're interested in learning how to design a program dedicated to young people
  • you'd like the opportunity to learn how to advocate for young people and collaborate with diverse voices from your community.


Applications close: Midnight, Monday September 21 2020


Who is eligible to apply to be on the Health Literacy Advisory Council? 


All young people living in NSW from 12 to 24 years of age may apply. Applications are welcome from diverse locations, backgrounds and life experiences.


What skills can I develop from being a member of the Advisory Council? 


  • Communications 
  • Advocacy 
  • Facilitation 
  • Problem solving 
  • Decision making 
  • Project design 
  • Project effectiveness and evaluation 
  • Critical analysis 
  • Cultural awareness 
  • And health literacy 


What is required of me? 


Health Literacy Advisory Council members will attend online meetings in 2020/21 once every 4 to 6 weeks. Members need to attend at least 10/12 meetings. You will contribute to program development and evaluate the different stages and how the project is meeting the needs of young people in NSW.
Members will need to have regular access to a computer or device to be able to attend Zoom meetings.  
There will be opportunities for members to consult with community groups, health experts and other young people to develop a broad range of views that will inform the program.  





Need help with your application?


Contact Courtney our Health Project Co-ordinator at Youth Action for more info or just to chat and help you through the application process. We welcome people living with disability or with diverse needs to contact us for their specific needs during the application process.


Courtney Venaglia
Health Project Coordinator
Youth Action
E: courtneyv@youthaction.org.au
T: (02) 8354 3700