Board of Governance

Youth Action is managed by a Board of Governance. The Board is responsible for ensuring Youth Action's legal and financial compliance.

The Youth Action Board has 9 members who are elected by the Youth Action members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year.

Current Board

On 1 December 2016, Youth Action held its Annual General Meeting and elected the 2016/2017 Board of Governance.

The board members for 2016/2017 are

  • Chairperson: Damian Cooper
  • Deputy Chairperson: Frances Dreyer
  • Treasurer: Chris Brereton
  • Secretary: Lakin Agnew
  • Ordinary members: Elizabeth Hill, Peter Hope, Keiran Kevans, Lawrence Muskitta, Tilly South, Tamika Worrell.


Office-bearers & other positions

The various positions on the Board are listed in the Youth Action constitution, which ensures that the Board is representative of various groups.