State of the Youth Sector: Capability, Capacity and Value

In 2019 Youth Action, in partnership with the Intergener8 Living Lab at Western Sydney University, is set to embark on the largest survey of the NSW youth sector in a decade. 

The study will ask:

  • What does the youth sector in NSW look like today?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges of being a youth sector worker today?
  • What are your pressure points?

It has been almost 10 years since Youth Action collected this level of data from youth services, about demand, activities and priorities, and from people who work with young people in NSW about their experience, attitudes and backgrounds. The study will provide crucial information to inform sector reform and policy making, as well as to identify ways to build on the strengths of the youth services sector.  

More information coming soon. Sign up to stay in touch. 

Please contact Kelly Royds via or on 02 8354 3706 if you have any questions. 


  logo from the Intergener8 Living Lab at Western Sydney University