Targeted Earlier Intervention Reforms

As the peak body for young people and youth services in NSW, Youth Action supports preventing issues for young people, and getting them help early when they need it. This prevention and early intervention work is carried out mainly by non-government organisations who are contracted to support vulnerable young people.

In August 2015 the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS) began a reform to the early intervention sector, including many youth services.  The objective of these reforms (called "TEI": Targeted Earlier Intervention) is to improve service systems to make them more effective in supporting clients and communities.

The process is long and complicated. You can find lots of information on the FaCS TEI page, and sign up to our TEI updates to stay informed.

Where are reforms up to?

Both Youth Action and the youth sector support the reform agenda, wanting to see changes occur which allow higher quality services to be delivered to the young people who need them. Youth Action has been extremely active in enhancing the TEI reform process through communication and advocacy and has consulted heavily youth services to support this work.

The most current TEI timeline is as follows:


Some key points are:

  • 3 year contracts (until June 2020) to allow services to gradually transition;
  • Local district priorities are currently being finalised, before being sent to the TEI Central Council for review and endorsement;

You can see some of our major TEI statements below:

March 2017: Sector Update

February 2017: TEI reform joint peaks communique

November 2015: TEI peaks statement of principles

October 2015: TEI Consultation Paper submission on behalf of the youth sector

On the 13th March 2017, in response to our concerns regarding the speed of TEI processes, the Minister for Community Services, Pru Goward, announced that services involved in reforms would be granted 3 year contracts in order to maintain the stability of the sector, and allow time to transition.

Local TEI processes

TEI is now entering the local design phase. This means that FaCS teams in districts will be:

  • Assembling a collaborative local governance group;
  • Undertaking local service mapping and planning;
  • Transitioning services towards models which meet the needs of the local community.

We encourage you to discuss Targeted Earlier Intervention reforms with your FaCS District Director. Their contact information can be found at the FaCS Website.

If you have any questions about the TEI process, please feel free to contact our Youth Development Lead, Angus Megarrity on

What has Youth Action done? 

Some of our support has included:

  • Consistent communication to the youth sector via YapRap and a specific TEI reforms email list;
  • Providing TEI reform updates at interagencies and other youth sector gatherings, including co-hosting an evidence presentation with ARACY;
  • Providing specialist advice to FaCS based on:
    • Our coordination of the Nepean-Blue Mountains Shared Outcomes Pilot;
    • Our participation in the leadership group of the first local TEI co-design process, Western Sydney’s Linker Project;
  • Reviewing and providing comment on draft TEI program documents provided by FaCS;
  • Participation in a range of meetings and forums related to TEI design/processes (e.g. Meeting with the Minister for Community Services, senior bureaucrats, TEI peaks meetings, outcomes development workshops, sector assistance strategy workshops);
  • Meeting with and training the youth sector all around the state to support them around TEI reforms;
  • Coordinating and liaising with other peak bodies;
  • Supporting local planning and consultation during Phase 4.

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