TEI Update 9 March 2016

Here is the latest update on what we know about the TEI Reform.

Last Friday Jacqui McKenzie, our Policy and Advocacy Manager, attended a meeting alongside other peak organisations where FaCS shared some findings from an external consultant, including potential directions and options for the TEI reform. These findings referenced a number of reports as well as information obtained from consultation with the sector.

What was said?

Various options and discussion items were outlined for core reform components:

  • Performance and Evaluation Framework (overarching component)
  • Evidence Based Practice Approach
  • Future Program Structure
  • TEI Systems Structure and Processes
  • District Budget Allocation
  • Local Planning Processes and Governance
  • Contracting and Pricing
  • Aboriginal Services Strategy (underpinning all other components)
  • Implementation Approach (underpinning all other components)

We provided input based on the feedback we got from you in September 2015. If you haven't already, please read our submission to the TEI Sector Consultation Paper.

What happens next?

The following dates are outlined by FaCS in their Program Reform Timeline 2015 – 2017:

  • March: Release of the report on FaCS formal consultation processes
  • April: Release of a draft paper that will outline options for reform, for testing
  • July: Release of final reform directions paper, outlining decided reform options.

We anticipate that the April draft discussion/options paper will be followed by another short period of consultation. As soon as we know what this looks like, we’ll let you know.

Youth Action will continue to ensure the voices and major concerns of the NSW youth sector are heard loud and clear during these reform processes. If you want to discuss anything regarding TEI, please give us a call at (02) 8218 9800.

Ruvi Perumal
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Communications Manager, Youth Action