Young people are of critical importance to the NSW community. One third of Australia’s young people live in NSW,[1] constituting 1.4 million young people 12–25 and they make up 18% of the population in the state.[2]

Young people are experts in their own experience, and their views are essential to solving the challenges for young people and their communities. Their views should not only be heard, but be influential – taken into account on matters than impact their lives at all levels. This principle underpins each of the key actions for the NSW Government.

Currently, there is no Minister for Young People in Cabinet to represent the specific needs of young people across portfolios. Renewing this portfolio is pivotal to changing the story for young people and to ensure that young people are part of central government decision making mechanisms. We need bi-partisan commitment from all sides of politics for a Minster for Young People with a corresponding portfolio.

The NSW Government can:

  • Appoint a Minster for Young People with a corresponding portfolio

[1] NSW Department of Health, 2017, NSW Youth Health Framework 2017, accessed via , p. 4

[2] Australian Bureau of Statistics, Table 51. Estimated Resident Population by Single Year of Age, New South Wales, cat. no. 3101.0, ABS, Canberra, Mar 2018, accessed via: http://www.[email protected]/DetailsPage/3101.0Mar%20 2018?OpenDocument

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