Access & Equity Guide for services working with young people [2002]

The overall aim in developing an access and equity policy is about being creative in terms of the areas, target group and services the organisation covers and provides as well as being realistic.

There is little point in developing a policy that incorporates a number of strategies for which resources are not made available or a policy which is very limited in what it does because the organisation does not immediately identify the resources needed to successfully implement it. Developing and implementing an access and equity policy, like any policy, requires a planned approach, feedback and a considerable thought process to adapt it to the needs of the organisation’s current and potential clients, as well as the organisation’s needs.

The aim of this guide is to assist youth services to develop and implement their own Access and Equity (A&E) policy for their organisation. The guide:

  1. Explains what Social Justice and what Access and Equity is and why it is important for youth services;
  2. Assists services to identify policy gaps and access barriers within the organisation in relation to culturally and linguistically diverse young people, including young people from NESB; and
  3. Assists with the development of a policy and action plan by providing examples of practical strategies to address identified barriers and gaps.


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