Agenda For Action

Youth Action partnered with the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) to launch a national youth survey in April this year.

Over a two month period almost 3,400 young people (12-25) shared their hopes and ideas for this election with us. The report, Agenda for Action: what young Australians want from the 2016 election, shows extensive data about the issues young people care about, why those issues matter to them and how their demographic affects the way they vote.

What did we find out?

Young people:

  • Are often swing voters: 57% reported they were as yet undecided on who to vote for.
  • Don’t vote as a block: they are affected by gender, age and demographic characteristics.

Young people were articulate about the wide-ranging issues they cared about. So what are those issues?

Top Ten Concerns:

  1. Improved asylum seeker policy
  2. Marriage equality
  3. Climate action
  4. Improved education policy
  5. Lower unemployment
  6. Improved environment policy
  7. Improved tax policy
  8. Improved health policy
  9. More affordable housing
  10. Increased education funding

What are we doing with all this data?

  • Sharing it with young people, organisations and politicians.
  • Supporting young people to advocate for themselves.

Want to know more?

Dig in to our report!

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