Annual General Meeting 2017


Youth Action invites you to the 2017 Annual General Meeting. As a member-based organisation, Youth Action encourages all members to attend the AGM and exercise their right to have their voices heard.

This year we are holding the AGM as part of the 2017 Youth Work Conference. If you are not able to attend the whole Conference, you can still come along to the AGM. 


Notice of a Special Resolution

There will be a Special Resolution held at the Youth Action AGM on 25 October to amend the Constitution. This will allow Youth Action to apply for Public Benevolent Institute status and register as a tax-deductible recipient with the ATO. These changes will allow members to claim tax back on gifts made to Youth Action, and for Youth Action staff to opt into salary sacrificing arrangements.

Download the Notice here.

All members are invited to vote on the Special Resolution either in person at the AGM by proxy voting ballot. 

To vote in person, come to the AGM at 1pm on Wednesday 25 October at the Sydney Masonic Centre. See proxy voting options below.

Proposed Special Resolution

Youth Action proposes to amend the Youth Action Constitution to include a ‘winding-up clause’, which would state:

x.1 Youth Action shall not be voluntarily wound up except by Special Resolution at a General Meeting.

x.2 If, upon winding up, or the dissolution of Youth Action, there remains after satisfaction of all debts and liabilities any assets or property whatsoever, they shall be distributed under the relevant legislation to an association which:

            (a) has similar objectives to Youth Action, and,

            (b) is registered with the Australian Taxation Office to receive tax-deductible gifts.

x.3 If Youth Action is registered with the Australian Taxation Office to receive tax-deductible gifts and that status is revoked, then its gifts shall be subject to the same redistribution as specified in Clause x.2.


Board of Governance Nominations

Nominations are now closed for Youth Action’s Board of Governance. Due to changing circumstances on our Board, two positions are now available for:

  • 2 Ordinary members.

As only one nomination was received for Chairperson, we welcome Damian Cooper back to the position unopposed.

Voting at the AGM

This year, two items will be decided by vote at the AGM: the Special Resolution and the Board nominees.

By far the best way to vote at the upcoming AGM is to be there! If you're planning to come, register now so we know to expect you.

Proxy votes are now closed. To vote, please attend the AGM.