Board of Governance FAQs

What is involved in being a Board member?

Board members attend quarterly Board meetings in person in Sydney. Youth Action covers all transport costs to attend. Options for remote attendance are also available. Meeting dates are determined by the Board and sessions run for approximately two hours. Other meetings as required may also occur. 
Additional time commitments include meeting preparation and involvement in Board sub committees as required. Board members are also expected to take part in annual strategic planning and evaluation days.
Board members may also have opportunities to participate in project advisory committees, speak at major events, represent Youth Action in the media and/or attend meetings with Government representatives. Board members also play a role in monitoring/responding to government policies and proposals.

Who can be a member of the Board?

Board members are members of Youth Action and are representative of Youth Action’s membership base.
Youth Action has three membership types:
  • Organisational members
  • Young people members (aged 12 – 25)
  • Individuals who work in the youth sector
A single representative from an organisational member can be nominated to sit on the Board. Board nominees must be at least 18 years or older.
To find out more about how to become a member please click here for Organisational Membership, or here for Individual Membership.

How are nominations made?

Any member of Youth Action may nominate to be on the Board. Organisational members may nominate one individual that is involved in their work, either paid or unpaid. 
Youth Action will receive Board nominations electronically and via post. This can be done online, or sent via email or post.

How are Board Members elected?

Nominees for the Board are elected if they receive a majority of votes for the position that they nominate for. Each Youth Action member is entitled to one vote for each Board position.
Candidate information will be shared with all members prior to the AGM so that an informed decision can be made.
To vote, members should attend the Annual General Meeting and submit a vote in person. If members cannot attend the AGM, they may either vote in advance or nominate an attending member to submit a vote on their behalf. Advance voting and proxy nomination forms will be made available two weeks before the AGM and must be received one day before the AGM so they can be included in the tally.
A Returning Officer will be appointed prior to the AGM from the Youth Action membership to tally the votes and manage the process in the AGM.