Building Your Organisational Capacity

Building your organisational capacity has been designed as a simple resource to help organisations assess where they need to strengthen their capacity and prioritise the activities which can provide the most value.



Download Building Your Organisational Capacity Resource



On July 22 2021, Youth Action and Fams co-hosted an online forum, Improving Your Organisational Capacity, for child, youth and family services led by Jake Formosa, Senior Consultant at Urbis.
In response to the positive feedback we received from that session, Jake has continued to work with us to develop a guiding resource for the services we support.
A series of reflection questions and suggested activities are presented under four domains:
  1. Mission and strategy;
  2. Programs and services;
  3. People and culture; and
  4. Systems, processes and resources.

In developing this tool Youth Action and Fams has been mindful of the imminent release of free information and advisory services from a panel of experts commissioned through the Social Sector Transformation Fund Tranche 3.  Services will be provided in the areas of:
  • Digital and information technology
  • Evaluation and service delivery
  • Governance and strategy
  • Leadership and workforce development
  • Legal advice


Neither Youth Action or Fams were involved in the scoping of services to be offered in SSTF T3. However, the intention is to connect small-medium size service providers with free external consultant support to adapt their operations and systems to continue to be responsive to changing and increased demand.
We hope working through this resource will assist you to better understand where you could benefit from the free consultant services offered by the expert and specific activities you could include in your application for services.