Child Protection Guide to Policy and Practice [2011]

The Child Protection Guide to Policy and Practice provides policies that can be adopted by organisations as their agency child protection policies, and material providing practice guidance promoting good practice in child protection and wellbeing.

Youth Action is hosting the Child Protection Guide to Policy and Practice, but it is not only for youth services. The Guide has been a collaborative effort between:

We would like to thank the Department of Family and Community Services and the NSW Commission for Children and Young People for their support with this resource.

There are 3 main sections within the Guide:

1. Quick Guides

To help staff answer urgent questions about:

  • Reporting Risk of Significant Harm
  • Exchanging Information
  • Promoting Safety in the Workplace.

2. Policies

For services to customise in the shaded text boxes.


  • Reporting risk of significant harm
  • Documenting concerns about children, young people and families
  • Explaining child protection concerns to children, young people and families
  • Exchanging information
  • Promoting child safety in the workplace
  • Best endeavours.

3. Practice Guides

To assist staff to make decisions and provide services based on the individual circumstances of the child, young person and/or family. The practice guides cover:

  • Good Practice Principles
  • Working with Aboriginal families, children and young people
  • Identifying concerns about children and young people
  • Prevention and early intervention
  • Day to day. 

Read the Introduction on pages 6-7 of the PDF for further information. 

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