Damian Cooper

Damian Cooper is an organisational member standing for the position of Chairperson for a 1 year term. Damian is currently an Ordinary Member of the Board.

Why do you want to join the Youth Action Board of Governance?

I believe that one strong clear and articulate voice for all young people in NSW is vital if we want to have a healthy and robust society. I also believe that Youth Action is the right organisation to support and enable that voice. Experience and evidence suggests that the vast majority of young people will successfully navigate the experiences and challenges of adolescence to become healthy and adults. For that small (but of often highly visible) minority that require additional care and support, I believe that we need well equiped and well trained youth workers. I believe that Youth Action can play a leading role in supporting and empowering youth workers to get great outcomes for their clients.

What skills and experiences would you bring to the Youth Action Board?

I am passionate about youth work in NSW. I have been working in the sector in various roles and capacities for ten years. I have a in-depth understanding of the issues faced by front line staff, as well as the challenges for small and medium sized organisations.   

What kind of member are you?

Representing an organisational member - Mountains Youth Services Team (MYST)

Which region are you in?

Nepean Blue Mountains.

Christopher Marcatili
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