Elizabeth Hill

Liz Hill is an organisational member standing for the position of Ordinary Member for a 2 year term.

Why do you want to join the Youth Action Board of Governance?

Young people often fall between the cracks of Government service provision in their transition from education to employment, in the early onset of mental health problems, emerging sexuality and identity. Youth Action plays an important role in amplifying the voices and the needs of young people in a world where adults dominate. Young people have diverse needs but Youth Action can summarise complex issues and advocate for positive solutions. The youth services sector is somewhat fractured and fragmented but Youth Action provides a clear and consistent voice in the wilderness. I would like to be a part of developing solutions to current needs such as housing and homelessness and early intervention program provision. 

What skills and experiences would you bring to the Youth Action Board?

I am currently the Youth Specialist at Bayside Council, developing the leadership skills and capacity of a youth council to deliver events and connect with Council activities. I was formerly the Principal Policy Officer of the Commission for Children and Young People, consulting with young people and responding to Cabinet Minutes and developing policies around issues such as young people and employment, child protection and paid parental leave. I am currently on the board of Synergy and Taikoz Ltd, a percussion company. I was formerly a board member and Chairperson of Shopfront Theatre for Young People and I was a founding member in 1975 so I appreciate the long history of youth development within Australia.  I understand the implications of being on a Board of Governance and would bring my skills of strategic analysis and public policy and consultation to the work of Youth Action. I have a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Government and Public Administration (USYD) and a Master of Arts(UNSW) and around thirty years of experience in human services agencies at a state, Commonwealth and local government level. I would appreciate the opportunity to channel this experience into the work of Youth Action in order to advocate for better outcomes for young people in NSW. 

What kind of member are you?

Representing an organisational member - Bayside Council

Which region are you in?

South Eastern Sydney.

Christopher Marcatili
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