Federal Election

Agenda for Action

What young Australians want from the 2016 election

Youth Action partnered with the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) to launch a national youth survey in April this year.

Over a two month period almost 3,400 young people (12-25) shared their hopes and ideas for this election with us. The report, Agenda for Action: what young Australians want from the 2016 election, shows extensive data about the issues young people care about, why those issues matter to them and how their demographic affects the way they vote.

Federal Election Toolkit

A quick and easy guide to making yourself heard this election

Your ideas can influence what decision-makers are talking about. You can change the conversation to what matters to you. This guide offers some tips and tricks to make sure your local candidates hear your opinion and the voices of 3400 young people across Australia.

This guide steps through:

What's an election all about?
What matters to you and other young Australians?
What do I need to know about my electorate?
How can I engage my candidate?
What actions should I ask candidates to take?
How can I support other community campaigns?
Telling Youth Action about your great work!
Example email, letters and social media posts to aid your campaign

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