[2016] Inquiry into Child Protection

All children and young people at risk in NSW should receive the services they need to succeed in life. But this is not the case. Young people aged 14 – 17 are less likely to get a response from child protection when at risk of significant harm. They are ‘forgotten’ in the system.

Where possible, we know that many youth services are plugging the gaps but this isn’t sustainable nor is the work recognised and funded.

Piecemeal adjustments will no longer do, and we need to see an overarching strategy for young people at risk in NSW.

Youth Action recommends: 

  1. The NSW government provide a clear picture of the current systemic response to this age group
  2. The NSW government commit to reviewing their systems and implementing an overarching strategy to ensure young people who need support receive it
  3. That funding levels are appropriate to need, and funding is invested in early intervention and prevention, not just crisis.
  4. That the NSW government report on progress made regarding previous inquiries. 


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