Kleon Toffetti

Kleon Toffetti is a young person member standing for the position of Ordinary Member for a 1 year term.

Why do you want to join the Youth Action Board of Governance?

I am a passionate young leader from a rural town in NSW with years of volunteer experience in the Youth Sector; Including my current position as Chair of Kyogle Council Youth Advisory Committee. 

What skills and experiences would you bring to the Youth Action Board?

Volunteer Chair of Kyogle Enterprising Youth (2012-2015). Secretary, Kyogle Council YAC (2015-2015). Chair, Kyogle Council YAC (2015-Current). Member, NSW Youth Week 2017 Committee (2016-Current). Candidate, Kyogle Council LG Election (2016). Highly effective communication and writing skills, public speaking, advocacy, passion for youth issues as a young person myself, motivational and energetic, a democratic team leader at heart. 

What kind of member are you?

Young person member.

Which region are you in?

Northern NSW.

Kleon has withdrawn his nomination as Secretary.


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