Luke Hayward

Luke Hayward is an organisational member standing for the position of Ordinary Member for a 1 year term.

Why do you want to join the Youth Action Board of Governance?

I feel that it is invaluable to have young people involved in decision making for young people. Therefore it is essential to support the advocacy and voice of young people and the issues that are valuable to them. The issues most closely aligned to me include but are not limited to, the support of Indigenous young people and communities, mental health, trauma, environment and safety. It is my aim to be able to engage with other change makers to ensure the building of strength for young people in NSW. 

What skills and experiences would you bring to the Youth Action Board?

As a young person working as a youth worker I feel that I have multiple insights into the issues faced by young people. This includes deep knowledge of the community services sector and the implications and involvement of young people within the sector. I have worked within schools in various positions from Norta Norta Tutor (targeted individual support for Aboriginal school students) to Student Learning Support Officer and have worked for the Mid Richmond Neighbourhood Centre's Youth Service for a combined time period of 4 years. Through my employment history and my own experiences I feel that I hold a depth of understanding in not only working with young people, but engaging with them in a way that develops relationships, is capacity building and provides advocacy. 

What kind of member are you?

Representing an organisational member - Mid Richmond Neighbourhood Centre.

Which region are you in?

Far North Coast.

Christopher Marcatili
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