Natalia Lill

Natalia Lill is a young person member standing for the positions of Chairperson or Ordinary Member for a 2 year term.

Why do you want to join the Youth Action Board of Governance?

I am passionate about de-stigmatising mental health for youth and issues of unemployment. I believe it's so important to have a strong representation of youth in the community to advocate for issues affecting young people.

What skills and experiences would you bring to the Youth Action Board?

I've been the chairperson of my local Youth Advisory Committee (Bankstown 2014-2016), a youth parliament member (2014-2015) and Global Volunteer Network Ambassador (2014- Current). I have extensive experience in public speaking (5 years) and debating (6 years). I'm currently studying a Bachelors of Arts at the University of Sydney.

What kind of member are you?

Young person member.

Which region are you in?

South Western Sydney.

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