[2022] National Youth Plan


Calling for a Strong Commitment to Young People - National Youth Plan


Youth Action together with the other state and territory youth peaks are calling on all parties and independents to commit to a National Youth Plan ahead of the 2022 federal election. The plan drives action on key priorities identified by young people and will embed their voices and lived experience in government decision-making, calling for action on matters such as climate change, disaster resilience and recovery, employment, education, housing security, mental health and access and inclusion. It is also seeks support for other campaigns that impact young people such as seeking core funding for the national youth peak Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (AYAC), Raise the Rate and an Inquiry into Intergenerational Fairness.

The Federal Government should partner with Australia’s young people and the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (AYAC) to establish the National Youth Plan, so that it is relevant to, and addresses the needs and priorities of, all young people, especially those who face marginalisation.



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