NSW Youth Alliance 2023

The NSW Youth Alliance, made up of the Australian Theatre for Young People, Multicultural Youth Affairs Network NSW, YFoundations and Youth Action, all work for the rights of young people across the state.

We believe that all young people living in NSW have the right to affordable, accessible, timely, and culturally safe services and programs. All Government programs and policies that affect young people should embed with the lived experience of young people in their design, delivery and monitoring.

10 key points:

  1. Investment in capacity of youth services through $15 million funding increase to provide non-clinical prevention and early intervention mental health support programs.
  2. Increase investment in the capacity of the Youth Arts Sector to provide services and programs to improve the wellbeing of young people in NSW.
  3. Allocate an additional $12 million to expand community-based learner driver programs in 40 additional sites to support young people in NSW to obtain their learner and provisional licences.
  4. Allocate an addition $52 million to expand youth service delivery in early intervention and youth development programs and services aimed at increasing engagement, confidence and participation of young people.
  5. All young people on temporary or vulnerable visas, including young people seeking asylum under the age of 25 to receive immediate access to NSW Health services, secure social housing, tertiary education, free public transit, digital devices and full employment rights.
  6. A targeted increase in funding to community services so as to include eligibility for all temporary visa holders.
  7. Allocate additional spending to deliver social inclusion and anti-hate initiatives in schools across the state.
  8. Increase investment in youth homelessness services by at least 30%.
  9. Increase investment by at least 20% in social and affordable housing specifically for young people.
  10. Increase investment to specialised services for youth victims/survivors of violence.

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