[2016] Social Housing for Young People in NSW

Social housing remains inappropriate and inaccessible to many young people, and is a contributing to poor housing outcomes for young people in NSW.

Youth Action submitted our policy paper 'Social Housing for Young People in NSW' to the 2016 Review of rent models for social and affordable housing.

Many young people have adverse housing outcomes, are overrepresented in the homelessness system, yet continue to have poor access to stable and long term social and affordable housing.  

Young people have different capacity to adults, and are very different to children. Young people are often part of families in social housing tenancies, but also seeking tenancy in their own right. Their needs require due consideration.

In a letter to the review Youth Action gave further evidence and:

  • pointed to issues regarding the definition of ‘safety net’ and ‘opportunity groups’
  • advocated that young people be considered as a distinct cohort that have specific characteristics and needs
  • addressed assumptions underpinning employment 'incentives' and 'disincentives' in rent models

Contact Policy and Advocacy Manager, Jacqui McKenzie, if you would like further information regarding IPART submission or read our policy paper on social housing below. 


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