Travel Subsidies

Youth Action provides travel subsidies to rural Organisational Members (youth workers) to attend some Youth Action events.


What will Youth Action subsidise?

  • We subsidise reasonable travel expenses from your home town to the event and return. We cannot subsidise accommodation, meals and refreshments, or parking.
  • Vehicles: We subsidise actual petrol costs only. We cannot pay award kilometre rates or hire car costs.
  • Air fares: We will subsidise return air fares only if we judge that the time taken by road or rail would be unreasonable.


How much will Youth Action pay?

We normally subsidise 50% of your reasonable travel expenses.

If you need a full (100%) subsidy, fill in the form and attach a letter on letterhead outlining why you need a full subsidy. You should briefly outline your funding and budget circumstances, and the importance to your work of attending the event.


Who is eligible?

  • Your organisation must be a financial Organisational Member (not an Associate Member/ Subscriber) before you can apply.
  • Only those staff at the same postal address/es as the membership are eligible for subsidies.
  • If the event has a target group, you must be in that target group.


How to apply

Apply on the Travel Subsidy Form (PDF)

There is no deadline to apply, but if we receive your application after we have allocated our subsidy budget for that event, we cannot pay you any subsidy.



Contact [email protected]



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