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Unleash is youth opinion in action. All content produced for Unleash is written by young people aged 12 - 25.

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The Street Art Debate: Sydney Versus The World

By Kathryn Adams

Street art is a powerful realm for expression that many cities of the world have recently accepted. It only takes a train ride through Germany to understand its increasing presence in this modern world.

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Housing in Sydney - Are We in Crisis?

Karla Donaldson is a young person, a social work student and a youth worker in the Shire. She volunteered at Youth Action over the first few months of 2014, and attended a Housing Forum put on by Youth Action, the Committee for Sydney and the Sydney Alliance. The forum brought together 60 young people from all walks of life from across Sydney to talk about the difficulty of housing and how young people can make a difference.

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The Right to be a Bigot

By Hashani Dissanayake 


While not explicitly enshrined in a constitutional or statutory declaration of rights, the right to freedom of speech is a deeply ingrained part of Australian culture and one that we, as Australian citizens, are understandably proud of. However, like all freedoms in a democratic nation, it is a right that cannot be absolute and must be qualified in the interests of those that it seeks to liberate.

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Sole Travel: A Guide To The Wild Life

It may sound trivial, but the art of choosing a good hostel is an under-appreciated art. I'd like to say I've always had a knack for it, but the fact that I wasn't at all suspicious of the pay-by-the-hour "hostel" in South Africa when I was eighteen begs to differ. 

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Forcing Her Hand

Two families, several nods of appreciation, the bride’s head dipped in maidenly shyness, the promise of wealth and status, and soon the wedding bells are ringing. An arranged marriage is on the way – a marriage where the man and woman are both consenting to spending the rest of their lives together.

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The Biggest Secret You May Ever Have - My Experience Growing Up Queer In Australia

It is my obligation to say that this article is my own personal experience growing up queer. I cannot speak for every LGBTIQ person, although our stories are similar, our journeys are our own

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Zephyr’s Story: Riding A Bike Around Australia

By Zephyr Ogden, 12


Hi, my name is Zephyr and I am 12 years old. I’m on a trip up the east coast of Australia with my dad, Patrick, my stepmum Meg, my 17 month-old brother Woody and our dog Zero the Jack Russell.

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What it means to be Australian

by Audrey, 18, from Wagga Wagga.

Stop right here if you read the title and are expecting a nationalistic piece, declaring an undying love for a nation characterised by an obsession with sports, unique pouched fauna, and the phrase “no worries mate”.

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