[2017] Young People in Greater Western Sydney: Beyond Stereotypes

Greater Western Sydney is home to 470,000 young people, many of whom have been negatively impacted by stereotypes and inaccurate depictions of the region. Our report challenges these stereotypes.  

In April 2017, almost 900 young people aged 12-25 years in Greater Western Sydney responded to our survey question ‘What Makes You Smile About Where You Live?’ The results demonstrate the successes of Western Sydney and the elements that make it thrive. 

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What did we find out? 

  • Negative stereotypes about Western Sydney are outdated. Young people are excited and optimistic about life in Western Sydney. 
  • Young people positively identify as belonging to Western Sydney, an identity which is strongest when they are engaged and feel accepted. 
  • Young people view themselves as assets, essential to addressing the region's challenges, as well as contributing to the success of Western Sydney.  


Four main elements that make Greater Western Sydney thrive: 

  • People: People in Western Sydney are welcoming and accepting
  • Culture: Western Sydney celebrates cultural diversity  
  • Community: Western Sydney is a connected, supportive, and friendly community 
  • Place: Young people love the uniqueness of Western Sydney


What are we doing with this information? 

We are amplifying the voice of young people by sending the report to every local, state, and federal politician in Greater Western Sydney. 

Download the full report now



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