Your say: Malcolm Turnbull

We asked 230 young people what they thought of Malcolm Turnbull. Here's what they had to say...


What YOU had to say: a profile of Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull is the leader of the Liberal Party and the current Prime Minister. So what do you all really think of him?

We asked you for your views on the current Prime Minister and a whopping 230 of you wrote to us to share your thoughts on leadership, current political narratives and the issues that matter to you. 

We asked you two simple questions:

  1. What do you think of Malcolm Turnbull, and
  2. What would you like him to know?

Here’s some of what you told us:

Persuade us, don’t patronise us

“Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is out of touch and disengaged from the realities of young people and people experiencing disadvantage of some degree. Considering young people make up such a large part of the Australian population it would be good see a PM that acknowledges young people and values their contribution to the Australia.

I would like to see a PM that focuses on supporting young people, providing opportunity and increasing harm minimisation rather then seeing young people as a group to be 'controlled' through prohibition and restrictive nanny state laws.”
- Sherie, 23, NSW

“I'd like Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to know that we are the future of tomorrow. With every passing day children and teens are becoming smarter and more alert than ever before. He needs to know that some of his biggest opponents may not be members of the opposition - but their children.

- Isabella, 17, NSW


Aware & we care

“Young people love democracy but we don't feel like our votes or opinions mean anything. We can’t keep listening to political rhetoric for 3 years and then for the political class to show up on our front door with chocolates and flowers. A lot of policies affect us and we don't really feel there is much we can do.”
- Adam, 25, NSW

“I would like Mr. Turnbull to know that us - the Young People of Australia - are aware. We are constantly bundled with negative stereotypes but, we are aware and not as apathetic as most would believe.

Give young people the opportunities to use these minds. Australia is based on mateship, right? Show what it's like to be a mate, Mr Turnbull. We help all our mates out. Give our mates a chance. Give the young people, the disabled, the LGBTQI+ community, our Indigenous community etc, a true chance.”
- Cassandra, 18, NSW

The Prime Minister we deserve?

“If this is the Prime Minister we deserve, we've been bloody awful.”
- Cameron, 20, NSW

Policy, or just plain politics?

“Malcolm Turnbull as an orator is pure gold. As a politician who actually does what he says on the other hand, is an entirely different matter.”
- James, 20, NSW

“Great public image, but would love to see him support concrete policy initiatives instead of just rhetoric.”
- Max, 21, NSW


Person or party?

“[Malcolm Turnbull] is one of the better Liberals, but still not that great.”
- Allen, 16, Vic

“He is better than Tony Abbott but I wish he would support some of the things he used to be outspoken about rather than just following the things his party is doing wrong.”
- Sam, 12, NSW

(Malcolm Turnbull) is trying to make Australia better, but is being held back by the right wing of the liberal party. On core issues such immigration, environment and innovation.
- Adam, 25, NSW


An inspiration for young people

“Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is an inspiring and balanced leader. His rhetoric and vision is reflective of the Australian optimism that defines our nation and its success.

The most exciting influence of Mr Turnbull's leadership for my generation is the notion that creativity and subsequent innovation is welcome in our economic participation and a necessary part of our country's success.

Young people often lack work experience, however our creativity is boundless and I have always believed that it should be better appreciated and integrated into our skills assessment and workplace. I believe Mr Turnbull understands that too, and better yet encourages it.”
- Paulina, 22. NSW


Fossil fuels are the past, not our future

“I want Malcolm Turnbull to know that innovation, one of his favourite words, means embracing new technology such as renewable energy, not giving life support to the dying fossil fuels industry. I also want Malcolm Turnbull to know that even the unspeakable conditions on Nauru and Manus Island are not going to stop desperate people from seeking asylum from countries that Australia is helping to bomb.”
- Isobel, 18, Vic

“I have travelled all around the world and would love to see Australia become an even better nation it is today. We need to spend some serious money on new infrastructure and we shouldn't have to wait 20+ years to use it.

Secondly, cut corporate welfare and give it all to science. It is ridiculous that in 2016 we give billions of dollars to the coal industry that is on its last legs. Science is the future, not coal.

- Adam, 25, NSW

“I ask that you think of what Australia you want children to grow up in, and think of how you want Australia to be seen by the rest of the world. Your current actions in regards to asylum seekers, and your lack of actions in regards to climate change, make this a country that appears to the rest of the world as selfish and stupidly ignorant. Let’s change this and become a state viewed as compassionate, sustainable and open to change.”
- Kimberly, 19, Tas


Act on our issues

“The majority of young people have become disillusioned by the current political system that reigns in Australia. There is very little change to the benefit of young people, and it feels like their opinions on climate change, asylum seekers and gay marriage are not being received and or acted on.”
- Bruce, 19, Vic

“I think the prime minister should be aware of the cost of living for most people making ends meet is becoming harder and harder as the years go by. I also think he should know that the need for equal right for the LGBT community in regards to marriage surrogacy and adoption needs to be addressed my partner and I have been together four years now and when we look at our friends be see the progression they have made in their relationships ie, marriage and children. Our relationship is treated lesser by other people as we are not able to share the same natural progression in our relationship as they do in theirs, as it has been denied to us.”
- Ben, 24, QLD

A country of do-ers

“It's time to stay home and start making decisions that will help people decide who they will vote for in the next election. Pull your ministers into line and remind them who employs them and pays their wages. (In case they forgot--it’s the Australian people). You are a man that has had a wonderful education and you have be able through hard work AND some level of luck make a very impressive life. This has given you amazing experiences that you need to now in your role as P.M to give to the country. In business you would not put up with the things we see in politics, so pull the government into line . You are the Leader so lead. We need you more than ever as the opposition looks very sad.”
- Tilly, 14, NSW

We are a country of doers so let's find a way to support initiatives. I admire your support for innovation and transforming the current state of Australia in areas like STEM.”
- Cassandra, 18, NSW

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