Youth Consultation Network

Want to represent young people in your community on youth affairs? Youth Action is looking for one member of each local youth council to join our Youth Consultation Network.

The Youth Consultation Network is a network of youth representatives on youth councils throughout NSW. We want to make sure we stay connected to young people we believe that young people deserve to have their voices heard on policy issues that affect their lives.

We’re inviting each Youth Council in NSW to select a representative, to help us consult with local young people and run local campaigns.

Represent your Youth Council on the Youth Consultation Network and get:

  • Advocacy and Consultation training from Youth Action
  • Connections with other Youth Council members from across NSW
  • To represent the views of young people in your local area in NSW
  • To practice consultation methods (eg interviews, surveys & focus groups)
  • Contribute to the policy and advocacy campaigns through consultations
  • To be involved with statewide youth policy development

Does this sound like you?

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